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How Did I Become A Better Writer?

In order to master in craft, it’s necessary to practice over and over again. It’s also been said that in order to perfect a craft, you have to put in at least 10,000 hours. It reminds me of #Macklemore’s song, Ten Thousand Hours. I’ve been writing since as long as I can remember and the more serious I got about writing books, and scripts, the more I immersed myself in studying the art of storytelling. I can assure you, I’ve got at least 10,000 hours of practice under my belt.

As a #fiction writer, I’ve studied if not all, most of the books I’ve read. Sometimes I will read a chapter more than once and write down key scenes that helped propel the story forward. While I’m doing this, the key questions I ask myself are: How does the chapter end? When does the plot thicken? Which characters play a huge role? I pay attention a lot to dialogue. Having good dialogue versus poor dialogue can determine how well the reader will relate to the character. You can have a great plot and storyline but if the dialogue is poor, your reader will lose connection with the characters and ultimately lose interest in reading your book that you’ve worked so hard to write.

When I’m writing my #book, I tend to introduce the plot very early on and then slowly tell the backstory as we move forward. Some authors like to introduce the backstory for a few chapters before moving to the plot. I like to get right to it, and that’s a hit or a miss with readers. Some readers love diving right into the plot and some don’t. Everyone has their own preference.

STORM is written so that you’re pulled into the story right away. Along the way, you learn what happened to the characters. Your questions get answered slowly. It’s funny because I love reading books that slowly build the plot but when I write, I like to introduce the main conflict as soon as possible.

My creativity comes from my crazy imagination, but to execute the idea onto paper in order to tell a good story, that comes with years of watching a lot of television and reading good books. Some may disagree with what helps an author become a better writer, but this is the technique I’ve used to write my stories and make sure they’re intriguing. I strive to make sure readers want to know what happens next and have it be a thought-provoking storyline at the same time.

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