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Getting to know the Author

Written by Nikola Muckajev,

Born and raised in #SanJose, #California, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu always had big dreams as a kid: creating worlds. Pouring over countless lines of text from the moment she could walk her own way to the #bookshelf, the budding #writer was consuming page after page of her favorite writers and laying the foundations for her bright future: to join the ranks of those that wove stories to share with the rest of the globe.

Forever captivated by her imagination, Gurpreet found herself unable to keep the stories solely inside of her head and found herself pouring life into characters and locations when she was just a tender 7th grade student. With an inexhaustible urge to commit words to paper, she would often earn the ire of her cousins as she would type up elaborate essays over AIM.

Deciding to put her talent to use, she wrote “Eight” – a TV spec that she promptly began sending out to agents. The work inspired interest in some literary agents, and they requested to see further episodes. The only problem for Gurpreet was that she hadn’t even thought about a “next episode”.

Fortunately for all parties involved, Gurpreet DID know that she had a captivating story worth telling. So, she decided to take what had started out as a TV spec and fashion it into a fully-fledged book. Resolving to whip up the story into the best version of itself that it could be, Gurpreet toiled over the #manuscript, using up every modicum of free time that she had to help bring her manifestation to life.

After several semesters of neglected coursework and burned-out free time, Gurpreet was ready to send out the finished manuscript – this time bearing the title of STORM. However, this time the agents didn’t come running.

Resolute to not let that stop her, Gurpreet marched onward. Deciding to self-publish, Gurpreet is on the verge of unleashing her debut novel upon the world.

Although one might be content to stop there, Gurpreet wasn’t just going to stop with self-publishing her debut novel. A firm believer in dreaming big, Gurpreet has started her own pay-it-forward clothing line – #ACLASS – with her younger sister.

Committed to showing a younger generation of #women that they don’t have to accept traditional careers, Gurpreet looks forward to the future with relish as an opportunity to further test and prove that resilience can match any hurdle that life can throw at you.


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